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Every composition is unique, and every project has different needs.   However, we work with three basic pricing options to suit your project.

Hourly Rate

With hourly billing, you get exactly what you pay for.  We charge $150/hour for our design services with reduced fees for travel.  After our initial consultation, we will provide an estimate for the project's total costs, inclusive of our own fees.  Billing is done on a monthly basis, and we provide detailed invoices for our time used.  We pass along all discounts received from vendors if the items are purchased as part of our design services.

This form of payment allows you to see all costs involved throughout the composition process, and provides a degree of flexibility if you desire more or less involvement throughout the project's development.  

Percentage of Project 

For clients who want their project fully managed by Composed Design Studio, we provide complete design and project management as a percentage of project.  Along with a single design fee based on our initial consultation, we manage the all aspects of the project as a percentage of costs.  We oversee all construction management, product purchases and installation.  You simply enjoy the results.

To insure all costs are transparent through the process, we help organize invoices from all contracts and vendors on a bi-weekly basis, and provide a status and cost report each month.  Prefer not to be bothered? We will gladly set up an initial project retainer fund and simply send monthly expense updates.


For those who want assistance in room layout, product selection and color recommendations, we provide flat-fee design services.  With a single cost based on square footage and room type, we compose your ideal room or garden.  At the end of the composition process, you will receives all the information you need to create your new space:

  • 2D and 3D Layouts
  • Product List (with SKUs and Prices)
  • Recommendations for Local Contractors